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Graphic company, expert in websites, advertising design, UX design, corporate communication, logo design, corporate branding, photographic and video processing, Uxnovo creates graphics throughout Italy, Europe, America and Asia. Graphic designs of all kinds for web, physical and digital media: logos, company catalogs and brochures.

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Graphic design

For a brand identity capable of conveying the values ​​of your company . If the identity of your company is not able to immediately recall your business you will not be able to distinguish yourself from competitors.
We know how to harmoniously manage shapes, fonts, spaces and colors to express your brand and convey the identity of your company on paper and any other type of media, digital or physical.
Uxnovo graphic studio takes care of all the graphic side: from the creation of the logo to the brand identity, which we develop together with you.

We manage every phase, from the creation to the printing of your products, which we take care of in detail thanks to collaborations with top-level printers.

Uxnovo's graphic advertising agency creates eye-catching and professional graphics for:

  • infographics for social networks and newsletters,
  • product photos for eCommerce, advertising photos and advertising images,
  • flyers, bound catalogs, brochures, leaflets,
  • business cards,
  • postcards, picture postcards, invitations,
  • folders, folders, document folders, folders,
  • banners, playbills, posters and other printed matter,
  • business card and pvc card company envelopes,
  • letterheads, letterheads, letterheads, packaging, adhesive labels, stickers, folders,
  • window sticker,
  • and many other products.

Studio grafico a Torino

Our services include

First strategic consultancy
Analysis of the strengths of your brand and business objectives
Design of the content structure
Creative graphic design
User experience optimization
First strategic consultancy
Analysis of the strengths of your brand and business objectives
Design of the content structure
Creative graphic design
User experience optimization
Analysis of the strengths of your brand and business objectives
Design of the content structure

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The graphic services

Company logo creation

Company logo creation

The logo design plays a primary and crucial role for every company. It is the first element of contact with the customer: the business card of your company. It is the most important element of your brand, the symbol of YOUR business. It identifies the company in the community by distinguishing it from the competition and represents the founding pillar of all marketing materials, remembering its products and services. For this reason it must be simple, immediate and effective, immediately recognizable, clearly understandable on every support, and designed to distinguish you from competitors. It must also be conceived and designed to perfectly adapt to any standard (websites, social media and physical media). All our logos are in vector format, so that they can be enlarged as desired without loss of definition.
Full logo graphics are provided by email in .pdf, .eps, .png, .jpeg and .psd formats.
We create a clear, pleasant and effective product that knows how to distinguish your business while remaining in the public's mind, destined to last over time and suitable for all standards.

Restyling and rebranding

Do you want to give your brand a more contemporary image without excessively revolutionizing its image? Have you been on the market for some time but your logo appears outdated or no longer current ? Has your company renewed itself and would you like to convey it with your logo? Have you changed the market? Or you just want your company logo to be rethought and improved?
In all these cases we carry out graphic retouching and revisions that do not affect or distort the history of your brand.

Restyling and rebranding
Business cards

Business cards

The business card represents your company in 88x55 format.
What is the ideal weight for a business card? Is the text in relief? And the colors?
Our business cards are not just a contact form, but specially designed bussiness cards with professional graphics and specially designed to enhance your company with the customer.
The finish and the design speak for you and your company. We know how to build a strong link between paper, the design of the company logo, the website and the coordinated image of the company.
In addition to the standard sizes, we produce variants of business cards in different formats and for every need.

Coordinated image

A correct corporate identity requires tools that faithfully adhere to your brand identity. We enhance the distinctive elements of your company by expressing them through every form of communication .
If you don't want to confuse your customers, your business communication must have a unique and distinctive imprint. We take care of your company coordinated image study by combining and harmonizing all corporate elements according to a single common thread that uniquely identifies you towards customers. We design and create the logo, business cards, letterhead and envelopes.

Coordinated image
Much more

And much more

We create captivating presentations with a certain impact, which are able to attract the attention of the public. Storyboard and content presentation.
Digital printing
We print high quality products on different small, medium and large format media.
Graphic consultancy
Press advertising campaigns
Infographics for social campaigns
If the customer wants to personally take care of the printing, the graphic creation for printing can also be provided by email in any format according to the needs (pdf, eps, png, jpeg, psd etc.).

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Why choose Uxnovo graphic studio

How would you define your corporate identity? What are the values ​​that distinguish your brand? What's your business goal? By answering these questions we define the strengths of your company, finding with you the most correct solution to highlight them. Through a design that knows how to best tell who you are, what you do and what distinguishes you from your competitors.
We help you identify the visual elements that really represent you and we work with you to define their design in detail, supporting you from analyzing the activity of competitors to choosing the most effective payoff to convey the identity of your company. In the design phase, we keep in mind how the recipient will receive the product, in order to create the exclusive graphic design that is perfect for its purpose, which can attract the eye of the new customer. Your message will be understood and above all remembered. With us you really stand out from your competitors.

Uxnovo graphic studio

Our graphic portfolio

Our latest works

Logo design
Logo design: Creation of corporate identity, design of vector logos, restyling of old logos for use in business cards, websites, brochures, etc. Know more →
Business cards design
Business card creation: Create professional and clear business cards for you and your staff members with logo and information. Know more →
Depliant, flyers, brochure
Depliant, flyers, brochure: Ideation, design and printing of flyers, leaflets and professional brochures and any other type of advertising graphics: posters, leaflets, stickers, etc. Know more →
Packaging: Concept and design of graphic elements applied to the brand: packaging, labels, promotional material, clothing, press kits, etc. Know more →
Web graphics
Web graphics: Creation of illustrations, infographics, vector graphics, animated videos, optimized and ready to be used on your website and on your social networks. Know more →
UX / UI design
User Experience, User Interface design: UI / UX design experts, we work with you to develop the graphic interface that best suits the needs of your audience, for an effective and stimulating user experience. Know more →

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